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Conservation and Leadership Training for Women in the Quezon Region, Philippines

In response to the environmental and gender equality challenges in the Philippines, Greenseed is committed to implementing a program that addresses both dimensions effectively.

The creation of women's groups within the conservation context has proven successful in combating gender discrimination while promoting environmental protection. The WePhili program is designed to harness this success by establishing a network of women trained in conservation and leadership, ensuring empowerment and sustainability in the region.

To achieve this goal, a training program led by women specializing in conservation and leadership will be implemented. Accommodation and meals will be provided for program participants. Over the course of one year, they will receive training enabling them to launch their own conservation programs or integrate into existing structures. It's important to note that the conservation training and leadership curriculum has been co-created with our implementing partner, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in addressing local challenges.


General objective

Specific objectives


Improve the socio-economic conditions of women through the implementation of conservation projects.

The participating women have achieved financial independence through the integration of conservation projects.

  • One-year training on conservation and leadership for women in the Quezon region.

  • One-year follow-up to support women integrating local initiatives in conservation or decision-making institutions on local resource management.

  • Conferences, workshops, and webinars to inspire women and strengthen the knowledge and skills acquired during the classes.

Implementation Partner


Haribon Foundation, our implementing partner, has played a pivotal role in the creation and execution of the WePhili Programme. With their extensive experience and deep-rooted commitment to environmental conservation in the Philippines, Haribon Foundation has been instrumental in shaping the program to effectively address the unique challenges faced in the Quezon Region. Their expertise and insights have enriched the curriculum, ensuring its alignment with local needs and realities.


Moreover, as the program's direct implementer on the ground, Haribon Foundation will be responsible for overseeing its successful execution, including the delivery of training, facilitation of women's groups, and integration of conservation initiatives. With their unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions, Haribon Foundation stands as a cornerstone in the realization of the WePhili Programme's objectives.

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