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Our program WePhili aims to support women in the Philippines in the implementation of local programs for the conservation of endemic species and the development of leadership skills so that they can integrate local decision-making processes, especially with regard in the use of sustainable resources.


The WePhili program will focus on creating a network of women trained in conservation and leadership, thus ensuring women's empowerment and the sustainability of the program in the region.


To achieve this, a training program led by women conservationists will be implemented. Over a year, the participants will be trained to start their own conservation program or to integrate pre-existing conservation programs.

Nature, environnement, conservation, femmes


General objective

Improve the socio-economic conditions of women through the implementation of conservation projects.

Specific objectives

The participating women have achieved financial independence through the integration of conservation projects.


Workshops aimed at sharing knowledge related to the protection of endemic plant and animal species in the Philippines as well as leadership skills, thus enabling Filipino women to undertake a conservation project

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